Germany Schengen tourist visa for Nepalese


Germany Schengen tourist visa for citizens of Nepal

Maximum stay: 90 days



All visa applicants aged from 12-70 are required to submit their fingerprints and a photo. Biometrics are valid for all Schengen countries for five years.

Processing time

15 business days after your biometrics appointment


Our fee: £68.05

Documents Required

  1. Application form
  2. After you have placed an order with us we will prepare it and send it to you

  3. Passport (Original and photocopy)
  4. Valid for at least 3 months after your trip

  5. Photo
  6. Recent 35mmx45mm passport photo against a plain white background

  7. UK residence permit (Original and photocopy)
  8. UK residence permit/visa/ILR/BRP valid for at least 30 days after your trip

  9. Previous Schengen visas
  10. Photocopies of previous Schengen visas from the last 3 years

  11. Travel tickets
  12. Round trip travel tickets

  13. Accommodation
  14. Confirmed hotel/hostel/Airbnb booking
    If you’re staying in private accommodation you have to provide an invitation letter (template available on request) and a copy of passport/ID from the host in Germany. OR a formal obligation letter (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) obtained from the local immigration office in Germany (“Ausländerbehörde”)

  15. Travel insurance
  16. Travel insurance that covers all Schengen countries and medical expenses, repatriation for at least 30000 euros

  17. Proof of funds available for the trip
  18. Certified last 3 months UK bank statements showing sufficient funds: at least £40 per day for the entire duration of stay in the Schengen area.
    The last balance must be dated within one week from the date of your appointment at the visa application centre

  19. Proof of occupation
  20. If you’re employed you have to provide a letter from your employer confirming your employment status
    If you’re a student you have to provide a letter from your school/university confirming your student status
    If you’re self-employed you have to provide your latest tax return, company registration certificate and accountant letter
    If you’re unemployed and receiving benefits you have to provide a letter from the Jobcentre
    If you’re retired you have to provide your pension statements

  21. Proof of address in the UK
  22. Recent utility bill, latest council tax bill, bank statement, pension certificate or similar

  23. Children (under 18)
  24. Birth certificate (Original and photocopy)
    Both parents’ passports (Original and photocopy)

All documents must show your name as in your passport
All documents must be in English or German