Thailand business e-visa for Mauritians


Thailand business e-visa for citizens of Mauritius

Maximum stay: 60 days


Processing time

3-14 business days


Single-entry visa valid for 3 months: £105.05
Multiple-entry visa valid for 6 months: £195.05

Documents Required

  1. Passport (Photocopy)
  2. It must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended entry date in Thailand

  3. Photo
  4. Recent digital photo against a plain white background

  5. UK residence permit
  6. UK residence permit/visa/ILR/BRP

  7. Proof of address
  8. Recent utility bills showing your name and address

  9. Business license
  10. Business license of the inviting company with stamp and authorized person’s signature

  11. Bank statements
  12. The most recent bank statements

  13. Business letter of invitation
  14. Formal invitation letter from a company in Thailand confirming your purpose of travel, type of business relationship and dates of business trip(s)

  15. Proof of occupation
  16. If you’re employed you have to provide a recent letter from your employer indicating purpose of travel, dates of travel and who will cover the expenses.
    If you’re self-employed you have to provide your latest tax return

  17. Travel history
  18. Copies of any passport pages that contain stamps from the last 12 months

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